10 Female Traders You May Need to Follow on Social Media

If you’re a trader, there’s no shortage of financial gurus to follow on Twitter. Today, we want to look at some great female traders and market commentators, and how you can follow them. This top-ten list is sure to entertain as much as inform you. It should also serve as a reminder that women are doing great things in the financial markets, proving it is no longer the old boys’ club it used to be.

The following list is ranked in no particular order.

Kathy Lien @kathylienfx

For all you forex traders, Kathy Lien is a must-follow. Described as a “fundamental guru,” Kathy may give you an accurate rundown of the daily market events and how they may impact your trades. She not only analyzes the news, but provides great tips on how to trade. If you’ve just started out or are looking for a Twitter companion, follow @kathylienfx.

Kristin Bentz @TalentedBlonde

All the old stereotypes you’ve heard about blondes can be thrown out the window with Kristin Bentz, a former Wall Street trader who now blogs, trades and chimes in on the latest market developments. With nearly 11,000 followers, she isn’t as popular as Kathy Lien, but is definitely one of the leaders for social media-savvy traders.

Kathryn Cicoletti @mscheatsheet

Kathryn Cicoletti, a.k.a. Ms. ‘Cheet Sheet’, provides straight-forward videos on a variety of business and money topics. She takes a decidedly uncensored approach to her content.

Abigail Doolittle @The Chartress

As her Twitter handle implies, Abigail Doolittle loves charts. Follow her on social media to get the latest on 10-year Treasury yields, the S&P 500 and other market developments. Abigail’s feed also includes inspirational quotes that may lift you up on days the market goes against you.

Lydia Idem Finkley @faithmight

Lydia Idem Finkley is another forex commentator who focuses mostly on currencies and silver. Lydia has an impressive track record, and may be seen giving timely updates on the fundamental forces at place in the markets. She’s also very technically proficient and thus isn’t afraid to show off her charting techniques.

Barbara Friedberg @barbfriedberg

Barbara Friedberg has a simple tag line: save, invest and build wealth. The former portfolio manager and university finance instructor is one of the most uniquely qualified people in the biz. If you follow her on Twitter, you will receive links to useful resources including free micro books and success tips.

Cathy Curtis @cathycurtis

CFP, RIA and financial advisor, Cathy Curtis is as gifted as they come when it comes to the financial markets. She is also a women’s financial advocate, offering good tips for young female investors looking to climb the ranks of the traditionally male dominated industry. With Cathy on social media, it may prove there’s never been a better time for women to start investing.

Stephanie Link @Stephanie_Link

For anyone who is passionate about the financial markets, Stephanie Link is a top source for latest news and analysis. Stephanie is a great financial commentator who covers everything from stocks to economic data. If you’re looking for stay up to speed on important matters with astute analysis, follow @Stephanie_Link.

Invest Diva @InvestDiva

CEO of Invest Diva Kiana Danial runs a great Twitter handle dedicated to providing online investing education for women. If you’re new to the financial game and want the assistance of a real investing diva, tweet @InvestDiva to learn more.

Mella @Mella_TA

If you’re offended by sniper rifles, Mella might not be your cup of tea. Otherwise, she is one of the highlights of Twitter finance. She provides killer charts, timely updates and a lot of funny commentary. She’s also pro-Brexit, and isn’t shy to tweet about it. We’re not sure how you feel about all this, but consider checking Mella’s Twitter for more.

There you have it – ten female financial gurus you can begin following on Twitter right now. This list is by no means exhaustive, but may get you on the right track locating some of the most powerful female voices in finance.

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