4 most popular questions about trading!

Our award-winning client relationship management team deals with hundreds of questions about trading on a daily basis, some seem to pop out more than others, so we decided to address them here and help all traders who are looking for answers.

What is the amount to risk – is that the most money I can lose when trading?

The amount to risk, is the total amount you could lose in one single trade. If you manage your risk by adjusting your stop loss level, you can either increase, or decrease the amount to risk.

With easyMarkets you could also use dealCancellation*, when you enable this tool before placing a trade, you are given a specific fee, based on current exchange rates. If you undo the losing trade within 60 minutes, then that is the only amount you will lose.

Will I have any issues with withdrawing?

Issues with withdrawing tend to worry traders, however at easyMarkets the only reason you would have problems withdrawing would be because your account has not been fully verified.

You can check your ‘My easyMarkets’ personal account and make sure you have sent all the required documents. We can only verify your account once we have received all the required documents, and this is to ensure the protection of easyMarkets accounts.

What is the minimum deposit that I can use to start trading?

Our accounts start at $100 to open a standard account or you can go higher and open a VIP account for $2,500 to receive lower spreads and get access to the dealing room among other VIP services. Compare the accounts and decide for yourself.

What type of spreads do you offer?

We offer fixed spreads. Fixed spreads mean you will know the cost of any asset you trade on from the start, and regardless of how the market moves, your spread will not change.

Our spreads do not change in ANY market conditions, including economic events which cause high volatility such as the Brexit and US Elections. This means you can take advantage of the opportunities a volatile market offers, without worrying about widening spreads.

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