5 Reasons Why Trading Might Just be Better than Valentines’ Day

For some, Valentines’ Day is the most romantic time of the year but others don’t exactly see the point of spending on dates, buying flowers, giving chocolates, and being all lovey-dovey on the 14th of February. Heck, trading might actually be better than Valentines’ Day and here’s why.

  1. Being alone is absolutely fine.

There’s no worse feeling than the pressure of having to plan something extra special for your significant other or scrambling to find a date just so you won’t have to spend Valentines’ Day all by yourself. Society, and by society I mean your best buds, won’t let you hear the end of it if you’re celebrating “Single Awareness Day” on February 14 for the nth year in a row, right?

But with trading, there’s absolutely no problem with spending time alone in your room in front of your trusty computer screen. In fact, some traders actually prefer to be alone since this helps them focus better and make quick trading decisions, without having to worry about being judged or having to dress up properly.

  1. You may recover the money you’ve lost.

Admit it. Dating can be very costly, especially when you keep spending on dinner and a movie without getting the results you’d hoped for. Now that’s just money down the drain, isn’t it?

While trading does come with its share of losses every now and then, the great thing is that you have the potential to recover the money you’ve lost with a good winning setup.

  1. All that pressure can be motivating.

As one gets older, the pressure to find a partner and settle down just keeps getting stronger. This can get very annoying and, to some extent, depressing but this isn’t always the case when it comes to trading. In some situations, the need to bounce back from a drawdown or to make larger returns can lead a trader to pay closer attention to the markets or conduct better analysis in order to score wins.

  1. There’s no need to commit to anything.

Will we have a second date? Should I call the next day? Where is this relationship going? These are just some of the all-too-familiar questions that typically pop up during Valentines’ Day. With trading, there’s no need to commit to anything, whether it’s an open position or a market bias, as conditions keep shifting from time to time and flexibility is actually what’s important. If you want to call it quits early, you don’t even have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

  1. You can keep your losses in check.

Lastly, proper risk management in trading allows you to stay in control of your losses, assigning stops and limits if the market doesn’t go in your favor. Unlike during Valentines’ Day when your whole heart is pretty much on the line and your date or significant other wields the power to ultimately push you towards heartbreak, trading allows you to dictate how much of your account you are willing to risk.

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