5 Reasons to Try the easyMarkets Platform

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Choosing the right financial broker can be a daunting task, especially for new and inexperienced traders who aren’t familiar with the market. Over the past 13 years, the Cyprus-based easyMarkets has emerged as a premier platform for both new and experienced traders looking for reliability, ease of use and a reputable broker in which to deposit and withdraw their funds. Below we look at five reasons every trader should give the easyMarkets platform a try.

  1. Reputable broker with a proven track record

There are two general rules that traders should follow when selecting any financial broker. The first is the broker should be fully regulated. Secondly, it must have a proven track record offering brokerage services.

easyMarkets passes both criteria with full marks. The broker is fully regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), which has been passported in the European Union through MiFID and in Australia by ASIC. Unlike the vast majority of brokers, easyMarkets has been in operation for 13 years – a rare feat in an industry with extremely high turnover.

  1. Access to over 300 markets

easyMarkets earned its reputation for its currency trading platform, where traders can access hundreds of forex pairs with tight fixed spreads and execution guarantees on stop loss and take profit orders. However, forex is just the tip of the iceberg.

The broker also offers direct access to the global commodity, stock index, vanilla options and Contract for Difference (CFD) markets, allowing traders to diversify across a range of asset classes. The platform includes a wide range of commodity (i.e. energy, metals and agriculture) and stock index options. A unique attribute of CFDs is they allow leverage on your investment, which means that traders may magnify their earnings on a winning trade. However, this feature also increases your risk.

  1. Easy to use platform loaded with best-in-class features

The easyMarkets MetaTrader4 platform was designed with the professional trader in mind, but was built to accommodate new and inexperienced market participants. This fine balance meant designing a powerful platform with all the bells and whistles coveted by experienced traders, but with the accessibility to appeal to novice traders. From the moment you log on to MetaTrader4 to the time you execute a position and liquidate your account, the easyMarkets platform offers a simple, easy to use interface. The MetaTrader4 platform is available in web, desktop and mobile platforms, allowing you to take the financial markets with you wherever you go.

Traders also receive access to fixed spreads, free guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection – essential tools for risk management.

  1. Industry-leading dealCancellation feature

Hate losing a trade? The easyMarkets dealCancellation feature could be exactly what you’re looking for to trade the markets risk-free. dealCancellation gives traders the power to cancel a losing deal within 1 hour and have any losses returned to their accounts. This feature is ideal for traders looking to trade the biggest events on the economic calendar. Nonfarm payrolls, central bank statements and other important events are closely followed by the financial markets because they often induce volatility across various asset classes. In the financial markets, volatility offers huge profit potential.

With dealCancellation, traders may trade those events confidently, knowing that they have the option to cancel their losing deals within an hour. Best of all, dealCancellation can be executed in as little as three clicks. Traders simply turn on the dealCancellation slider when assuming a trade, click for the feature to be applied within 1 hour and confirm their cancellation. It’s that simple. Read more about the terms here.

  1. Global support services

Offices in Europe, Australia and Asia offer traders personal and localized customer support around the clock. In addition to telephone support, easyMarkets offers a popular Live Chat feature during regular market hours to address client feedback. This is just one of the reasons why thousands of traders in over 160 countries rely on easyMarkets for their financial trading needs.

Clients are also assigned a personal relationship manager that can help them choose the best services for their particular trading goals. VIP clients also receive a personal market analyst, tailored training programs and the opportunity to earn cash rebates based on level of trading and loyalty.

easyMarkets is also committed to offering the most comprehensive Learn Centre in the brokerage industry, allowing novice traders to learn the ins and outs of the financial markets for free. Not only is the easyMarkets platform easy to use, but its free learning resources make it easy for anyone to understand and apply complex market principles.
A world-class trading platform, proven track record and global support services make easyMarkets a must-try for both new and experienced traders looking to maximize their potential. While no broker can guarantee you success, the best service providers ensure you have all the tools and resources to succeed and grow as a trader. That’s what gives easyMarkets the clear advantage in the online retail trading market.

Traders looking to experience the easyMarkets advantage are encouraged to sign up for Live Trading or a Demo account at easyMarkets.com.

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