5 Rock Star Traders

We live in an incredible age of rock star traders and entrepreneurs.

It appears as if age, gender, and culture are no longer barriers to entry into the world of business, and there seems to be no stopping many of these bright stars.

Today we are going to look at a handful of amazing overachievers to see what it takes to become a rock star trader in this highly competitive industry.

Leigh Drogan

Leigh Drogan is the 28-year-old founder of a company called Estimize.

Estimize, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst Wall Street traders, has been created by crowdsourcing data points on financial earnings releases.

Drogan has managed to compile data from investors and analysts on both sides of the buy-sell spectrum, thereby providing a significant degree of accuracy.

Lucy Baldwin

At just 29 years of age, Lucy Baldwin is the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs.

Baldwin was initially placed in charge of the company’s European Retail and Consumer Equity Research, before directing the entire Research Management Team for Goldman Sachs in Europe.

Also a key member of the Investment Review Committee, Baldwin looks to be set for great things, and at a relatively young age she has already managed to skyrocket her way up in the industry.

Ganesh Betanabhatia

Ganesh Betanabhatia, 28, has achieved a truly impressive resume, and he doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

Betanabhatia has experience serving as the Vice President for Pine Brook Partners, and his time as a JP Morgan Oil & Gas Investment Banker has given him an extensive knowledge of the energy industry as a whole.

Currently serving as the Managing Director at Talara Capital, Betanabhatia is in charge of managing $500 million of equity.

Lucas Duplan

Our youngest entry today is Lucas Duplan, who at just 22 years of age has received his Computer Sciences undergrad degree from Stanford University and founded his own tech company by gathering $30 million of investments from names such as Andreessen Horowitz and Richard Branson.

Duplan’s brainchild is Clinkle, a digital wallet service specifically designed for mobile devices.

Clinkle could end up revolutionizing the way financial transactions are conducted, not to mention the fact that Duplan’s approach to employee management has been the subject of certain controversy.

Despite the criticism that Duplan has received from tech bloggers due to a large exodus of Clinkle employees, he definitely looks set to do big things in the tech industry so we suggest keeping your eyes on this one!
Eugene Gokhvat
At only 28 years old, Eugene Gokhvat is a Portfolio Manager for BlueCrest Capital Management.

The entrepreneurial spirit definitely seems to run strongly in Gokhvat as he has gone from working on the Deutsche Bank prop desk for Boaz Weinstein to being in charge of his own segment of a $35 billion European hedge fund.

Gokhvat’s large corporate bond portfolio certainly places a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders, but even at such a young age he is outperforming many of his peers.

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