B-Booking – Retail Brokers

Welcome to this third presentation on the retail brokers called Retail Brokers – B-Booking.

In the previous videos we looked at the concept of Stop Hunting. We find out that it does happen but it’s not retail broker who are doing it.

We then looked at intraday volatility and changing market conditions. We looked at how this is basically directly correlated to how random you find the markets. So if that happens to you it probably means that you don’t pay any attention to what’s going on the news what’s going on the news feeds or you having trouble interpreting that information. The more tuned into that stuff you are the less random you’re gonna find a the market conditions and in turn you’ll be picking better trades and, of course, you’ll be making more consistent profit.

Now this third video will look at something called b-booking. This will be a short explanation of this particular concept that not many traders are aware of.

P.S. This is the third video answering the question that was emailed to me a while ago, if you want to read the actual question, please find it here. If you wish to recap the previous videos press here (1st video) or here (2nd video)

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