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ICOs took off in a huge way in 2017, with over 1,000 ICOs raising over $4 billion in total. For the uninitiated, an ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the latest fundraising tool on the (aptly named) block, for both start-ups and established companies alike. Companies raise capital by issuing and selling their digital tokens to the public.

This ICO momentum is set to continue in 2018, as tokens are increasingly becoming new ways to finance innovation, not only in pure tech but also in films, real-estate, sports, medical-tech and even the medical marijuana industry. With that said, let us look at some of the platforms that provide information about these launches and sales for the benefit of investors.


Be it ICOs, crowd sales, token sales or token generation events, this site covers them all. A trusted ICO information platform, it provides insights into active and upcoming ICOs as well. They claim to send at least half a million ICO alert mails to notify their users about various events going live. Apart from this, their in-depth ICO alert reports and weekly podcasts are also full of exclusive content.


They take information from various sources, including the coins’ official websites, slack chats and forums to put together the important dates in cryptocurrency projects. They claim to list only projects worth following and investing in, helping to narrow things down a bit for investors.


They give updated news on active and upcoming ICOs, not only on their website, but also on other media, such as Twitter, Facebook, ListICO Blog and newsletters. They have quite an active Twitter community which is worth paying attention to.

Smith and Crown

A research firm, Smith and Crown not only gives information about token sales, but also reviews standalone blockchain coins. The reviews provide good information about tricky concepts and help to lookout for worthwhile ones. They also give valuable insights into the stories behind the token sales, the people involved and the technology used. In this field of cryptocurrency, where there is much that people do not know, such kind of knowledge is quite valuable.


BestCoins lists the most lucrative ICOs for different industry sectors, after much research and analysis. Investors can see past, active and upcoming ICOs here.


They evaluate ICO projects after independent analytical research and then give these projects appropriate ratings. The aim is to provide ratings for projects, after assessing them on factors like transparency, reliability and quality.

Token Market

It is both an information source as well as an exchange for functional tokens. They aim to provide a safe, easy and informative trading platform for both investors and companies, where they can carry out transactions using these tokens for their financing needs. Users can research on tokens as well as launch their own crowd sale events.


This platform is supported by experts from different backgrounds, including media, legal, banking and trading. Based on reviews given by experts, ICOs are rated on this site. In addition, they also have crypto lawyers giving legal reviews for various ICOs.

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile arena. If you’re looking to invest be sure to do thorough research and only then make informed decisions.

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