Brexit Volatility Trading with easyMarkets

Market volatility has been high in the lead up and post the Brexit referendum. Traders with a steel gut were able to take advantage of massive market swings, but only if they had a broker that was watching their backs.

easyMarkets was one of the only brokers that didn’t change their trading conditions leading up to and during the Brexit referendum. Wanting to give traders the maximum opportunities to benefit in these exciting times, easyMarkets retained their 1:200 leverage where many other firms lowered to 1:50 or even suspended trading.

They also ensured that some of their key trader safety features stayed in place. They retained fixed spreads to avoid slippage, they continued to guarantee stop loss and take profit orders and they filled all orders. No client suffered negative account balance nor execution issues.

As one of the only brokers that came out of the 2015 SNB unpegging of the CHF smoothly, they were able to capitalise on their expertise and ensure clients did not suffer negative account balance – they did not ask clients to cover losses that leaped beyond their stop loss in a matter of seconds.

easyMarkets has been positioning itself to be one of the safest, most transparent brokers with the best risk management platform. As part of that promise they offer a full trading simulator that allows anyone to trial their platform under live market conditions before risking any funds. It’s a great tool for those starting out to get a feel for trading but also for experienced traders to simulate trading strategies risk-free.

The trading simulator is offered to non-clients for seven days as part of a demo account. easyMarkets clients have unlimited time access to the simulator via their demo account alongside their live account.

One of the longest running companies offering forex, commodities, indices and options to the retail market, easyMarkets has remained focused on their founding principles of enabling traders access to the exciting world of the financial markets in one easy and safe interface. They’ve proven their commitment to that value even under the most adverse market conditions that a Brexit could engender.

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