BTC/USD Retracement Back to 50% Fibonacci Level at $4400

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we have been following BTC/USD for the last few months, including two BTC/USD trade setups. One was focused on a bullish break and hitting $5000 and the second was a bearish retracement back to around $3500 for a further uptrend continuation towards $5500.

Both scenarios played out exactly as expected: the bullish move hit $4950 (target was $5000) and the retracement went back to $3000 (bounce $3500) before ultimately hitting $5800 (target $5500) just a few days ago. Cha-ching! 🙂

Now the next question: what’s next? This article shares our vision for Bitcoin versus the US Dollar, BTC/USD, for the next weeks.


Source:: BTC/USD Retracement Back to 50% Fibonacci Level at $4400

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