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Have you ever thought that you can make money from the comfort of your own home, without any specific skills or extensive knowledge? Are you interested in entering into the dynamic world of the Forex market? If so, you should definitely try out my tested and proven strategy for steadily raising your profits to a substantial level.

Forex Market presents a great opportunity for investment, but it brings a lot of risk along with it. I have over 7 years experience as a trader on the Fx market… But I won’t tell you that it was easy at the beginning. I had a lot of unsuccessful attempts  back then. So, I was capable of learning from my own errors – and now I can freely say that persistence pays off.

I’m a long-term swing trader, and I learnt to trade with EA – automatic robot trading on the Meta Trader 4 (MT 4). Nowadays I manage various trading accounts with different strategies. I’m always looking for a new possibilities and my aim is to diversify my portfolio. I also trade manually and I use personal indicators that provide good insight about market. So I get some real-time alerts when a good opportunity is about to happen so I can make good decision about opening trades on Forex.

Also, I’m always looking to provide support to any passionate traders as much as I can. I don’t hesitate to share some of my techniques and experience. My Technical Analysis for a lot pairs are available for subscription, whereas you’ll be alerted in real-time for swing trading opportunities.

I want to present 2 indicators that traders can buy or try for free during 30 days (satisfied or money back guarantee). These indicators will facilitate your trading activities and will provide you with an amazing opportunity to kick off your career on the Forex market in a proper and meaningful manner!


Indicator 1: Sentiment Traders

The Sentiment traders indicator, also called Speculative sentiment index (SSI) fills the gap by offering access to volume and positioning information, thus providing an unparalleled view of Forex market sentiment. It represents an excellent tool to gauge the positioning and sentiment of the traders in the Forex market, and it can help you decide on which side of the trade you want to engage. Having this indicator embedded directly to your charts on MT4 brings you a real advantage on the market. Personally, I love it and I use this strategy for many, many years.



Indicator 2: M & W pattern

The advantage of the M&W pattern indicator is that it’s getting all the hard work done for you. It scans as many pairs as you want for 4 different timeframes. You should just wait steadily and get alerted when it’s about to happen. My pattern is like a subliminal message left on your chart. Keep in mind that if there is no major reason (fundamental) to keep market under pressure, then market rises, especially after a “M” (Long Signal / Buy). The opposite Pattern looks like a “W” (Short Signal / Sell).



You can check out my offers , along with info about my work and detailed explanation of the indicators at My BLOG  or on my FACEBOOK Page

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