Did your broker go bankrupt this morning?

Posted On 16 Jan 2015
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FX brokers get slaughtered

It’s an absolute bloodbath in the FX markets. The tide’s gone out and it’s now very apparent who has good risk management systems in place and who was reckless safeguarding your deposits.

Is your broker on this list?

FX brokers are led to the slaughterhouse.

One of first articles that I send traders on the free EAs list is how to protect yourself from a forex broker bankruptcy. It’s absolutely, critically important where you decide to trade.

I trade at Peppertsone and I strongly recommend that you trade at Pepperstone, too. They made it through this crisis unscathed. They’re well regulated. They’re in a safe and stable banking jurisdiction. And… they’re still running a thriving business.

PS: QB Pro made it through the CHF chaos unscathed. We closed out with a nice profit yesterday.

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