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For an average user, the choice for an online platform for stock market trading can be a real problem. Choosing the wrong company for you can mean a loss of time,  money and lots of problems. This happens when people do not have the necessary information, so we are here to help you.

Nowadays, detailed knowledge of the stock exchange and the way in which it works is not required. Investors are increasingly relying on the trading platform. Over time, the online platform improves speed, depth, customer support and thus raises mode to another level, allowing an ordinary user to feel the magic of trading.Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to get acquainted with the most popular online platforms. That allows easy, user-friendly environment which enables you to order trades, monitor your stocks and index fluxtuation and receive daily news from the market.

TD Ameritrade

One of the best online platform is TDA, with almost 6 million account holders, and almost $ 500 billions in assets.This platform has it all, user-friendly interface for beginners, Trade Architect for more demanding traders, and the ” thinkorswim ” platform for elite traders. TDA has one of the strongest collections in this industry with a lot of tutorials that will help beginners to quickly find their way around. In addition to training for beginners, there are advanced courses that will help everyone in improving their knowledge. One of the other things which TDA can boast is access to 24/7 customer service that will help you solve your problems and confusions. TDA is maybe more expensive than the competition but it offers a great platform and mobile platform.


One of the best stock trading platforms for beginners is OptionsHouse. It is launched in 2006 with the intent of bringing the stock market closer to ordinary users / investors, in an environment that is intuitive and easy to use. OptionHouse offers one of the lowest fees, providing lowest stock and options trade. Exploring the market becomes very easy using great online and mobile platforms. Low commission and trade fees enable you to easily enter the world of online stocks.


With its history of 25 years in stock market, E*Trade is a great choice for every potential investor. Their intention is to provide their clients with market research data, tools needed for education and financial experts. Access to educational material has never been so easy. With E*Trade you can invest in bonds, futures, stocks and forex. Depositing funds to E*trade has never been simpler, you can transfer your funds from another account, a check, money order or you can use money transfer. One of the best costumer support teams, great trading tools and educational material will deffinitly help you choose E*trade.


With over 500 local branch offices for personal service, Scottrade is the largest network of all online brokers. It offers a wide range of trading options with low fees and commissions. The trading platforms allow you to customize tables that are shown and rearrange them however you wish. If you get stuck, you can always deal with customer service representatives in person, online or over the phone. One of most recognized names in industry, whose platform is entirely online, With interface that is easy to navigate through, Scottrade finds its place at the top, as the one of the best online trading platforms.


Nowadays, being user-friendly and easy to set up are one of the most important characteristics when it comes to software. The very second thing important, is it reliability and speed. Since it is stock market exchange where you will be working, you will need instant information, for few minutes can bring you up or down. Numerous built-in filters will help you to rule in or out specific parameters, and to pick those stocks which suit you best. Yet again, to feel like a professional stock broker, you don’t need Master degree. Only user manual. And a bit of time.

Trade King

One of best online trading platform is TradeKing. If you trade individual stocks, Tradeking is one of the best tools. Often offering inexpensive and great prices which in combination with excellent learning material and customer support is a real hit. Educational center can teach you different types of investments, and make rookies experienced traders. Low prices and great tools that let you connect with other retailers significantly facilitates the retrieval of useful and useable information.


TradeStation is recognized as one of the most customizable, the most competent online trading platforms, and it is also rather easy to use. If you need any help, TradeStation provides video tutorials which will, in combination with 24/7 costumer service, make your work much easier. Adding windows and gadgets, creating charts with option bid; this is the place where “ bigger players “ will find much satisfaction.  Given that trades base fees in relation to your activities, Tradestation benefit the most the traders who trade at a high rate.  Trading on the stock exchange has never been easier. Wide selection of courses, seminars, low fees, a wide range of tools, it is always accessible and professional customer support will help you ease up your work. Depending on your expertise and the amount you want to invest, some services are better than the others, but the best of them include tools and resources that will help you choose and trade stocks without breaking your Wallet.

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