Exploring the Advantages of CFDs

Contracts for Difference or CFDs have emerged as highly popular trading options in the market, known to add a lot of value to the investor’s portfolio. Backed by simple dynamics, CFD trading has emerged as one of the most viable way for traders to make more profits or else to offset possible losses on their investment. Let us explore the wide array of advantages to be availed from CFD trading.

Advantages of CFD trading

CFDs are tradable commodities whereby the trader makes profits or losses in accordance with the price changes of selected shares and stocks. You can never own the underlying stock but make profits or losses in relation with the movement of the underlying stock. Here are the advantages of the CFD trading revealed.


When it comes to discussing the merits of trading CFDs, leverage definitely emerges at the forefront. The CFDs are growing more popular each day since they have can be traded via 10:1 leverage. There are others who might even offer greater leverage (i.e. 20:1) depending on the type of CFD thus traded. Smaller leverage only means that a small investment has higher potential returns. Traders are not required large deposits but can purchase stocks or shares using a very low margin of the total amount of stock or share.

Range of Markets

CFDs allow you access to a considerably wide range of markets. You can start trading possibly each and every commodity in every market across the world. Besides leverage, this is one of the primary reasons why a bevy of traders have chosen to trade with CFDs. The ease of access has inspired a confidence among these traders whereby they think that trading CFDs will add a lot of value to their portfolio.

Besides the wide range of markets, there is another factor which facilitates the ease of accessibility to CFD trading. Many CFD markets remain open to investors 24 x 7. In fact, there are several service providers who actually ensure that the market that a trader needs to focus on remains open even when the other markets are closed. Traders can access indices as per their convenience


CFD brokerage involves much less fee than what conventional share trading entails. That’s a definite advantage!

Option to trade long and short

There are several traders who are comfortable with the options of long and short trading when it comes to CFDs. Your broker may allow you to go long or short with your trading options. If you are going short with your trading options then you would be able to capitalize on your trading profitability to benefit both from falling and rising of the stock prices.

CFD trading gives you the opportunity to interact with a number of reliable brokers. This ensures that you are getting all the assistance you need at critical junctures.

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