Forex Market Manipulation – Forex Trading Strategy

Is Forex Market Manipulated?

A lot of people already know that the stock market is manipulated in various ways. They wonder if the Forex market is manipulated too? The answer to this question would be yes. There are certain times when the Forex market is tempered with. For example, before certain big announcements the information can be leaked by large banks, etc.. In that case, you can usually clearly see that some trader somewhere has received that particular set of data ahead of everyone else. Thus, the market starts to move before the certain news event.

This happens simply because central bankers, large investment managers, Hedge fund managers,those kind of people kind of hang in the same circles. Therefore, the information gets spread. Aa a result of this kind manipulation, some people get the news and the idea of what is happening in the market before the rest of the market gets that very information. That is one of the ways the market is occasionally manipulated. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time. However, as I said, there are times when this phenomenon occurs.

The other example of the Forex market manipulation would be when large player like Hedge fund or a bank would deliberately move the price for one reason or another. This could happen if they want, for instance, to get some liquidity or to hunt some stop loses. Once again, it does not happen all the time. Furthermore, it usually lasts just very temporary.

So to sum up, the Forex market is manipulated from time to time but it is not something that is always there. Moreover, these manipulations are not designed to catch retail traders or to take your pips. You can still make money as it is, as previously mentioned, a very temporary and occasional thing.

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