The Funniest Traders to Follow on Social Media

Social media hasn’t just changed the way we interact with our friends and loved ones, it has revolutionized the way in which we consume information. The rise of Facebook, Twitter and several other social media websites have allowed us to stay on top of new developments in our world, and meet some pretty cool people in the process.

In the financial markets, social media provides access to real-time information, late-breaking news and unique insights from the best minds in finance. If you follow the right people, social media can also be very funny – even in finance! That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the funniest financial market experts to follow on social media. So kick back and enjoy, and be sure to look for these fresh insights on Twitter.

Josh Brown @ReformedBroker

Joshua M. Brown is a New York City-based financial advisor who also happens to be the “Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve.” Suffice it to say, Josh is extremely entertaining, and will be sure to give you a few chuckles amid your intense financial research. He recently highlighted the following quote from an article on the dangerous acceptance of Donald Trump: “The media eventually moves on, shrugging helplessly, to the next lie. Then the next lie, and the next.”[1]

Cullen Roche @cullenroche

You can learn everything you need to know about Cullen Roche from his Twitter bio: “Portfolio Manager. Monetary Expert. (Okay) Author. (Bad) Ironman. (Excellent) Carb Consumer. Founder, Orcam Financial Group.”

What’s there not to like? Oh and he had this awesome quote that we just had to share: “The stock market is the only market where things go on sale and all the customers run out of the store…”[2]

Anthony Maceroni @AnthonyMaceroni

“Rock out with your stocks out,” says Anthony Maceroni, who we still don’t know much about. When we google his name the only thing we get is Anthony’s Pasta Recipes. Nevertheless, Anthony has amassed thousands of followers who are no doubt drawn to his cool trading charts. His tweets are very informative, but also lighthearted and easy to read. Anthony has also pinned the following quote to his Twitter feed, reminding all who pass through his domain about the dangers of selling in desperation:

“When you sell in desperation, you always sell cheap.” – Peter Lynch

Mella @Mella_TA

So, the first thing you should know about Mella is that rifle in her profile picture she has a beautiful woman holding what appears to be a sniper – and it’s pointed straight at you. Her Twitter bio also offers a pretty interesting description of what you can expect to learn from following her: “International pain in the Ass. Lover of Global Markets. $SPX sniper. Wife of The Northman.”

Being married to the Northman grants Mella instant “cool” status on Twitter and in life. She also uploads pictures of chimps in make-up and more than occasionally talks about her SPX updates. She also has killer charts, making her an instant-follow.

Al Sabogal @alsabogal

Al Sabogal’s Twitter feed is devoted to trading … and some other extracurricular activities. He can often be found posting funny memes, including a recent picture showing a trader getting punched out boxing-style. The quote accompanying the pic was priceless: “Everyone wanted a dip until it happens and now scared to buy… then we get the bounce and tons of hindsight regret.”

That quote is as bang on as it gets.

Traderstewie @traderstewie

If you’re a fan of Family Guy and ever wondered how Stewie would behave as a trader, here is your chance! This Twitter feed is a nice blend of Stewie mannerisms with some actually beneficial financial advice.

Wall Street Jesus @WallStJesus

“Son of Market Gods • Lord of Twitter Finance • King of the Call Sweepers | Professional gambler | Utilizing sweeper order flow as a POWERFUL indicator.”

For those with a spiritual approach to trading, Wall Street Jesus has you covered. One of the best trading images we’ve seen was recently posted on the Wall Street Jesus Twitter feed. It shows a typical line graph turning negative, with a whole bunch of tiny traders falling with the downslope. The caption was priceless: “Keep ‘em bears hungry… flush the non-believers …” We believe this quote was in reference to the S&P 500, but it’s tough to know for sure.

Rayner Teo @Rayner_Teo

Rayner Teo is fighting the good fight by “saving retail traders from self-destruction.” His Twitter profile picture consists of a skinny guy in glasses (presumably Rayner Teo) ripping off his shirt and revealing that he is the true Superman. Then there’s this timeless quote: “If you manage your risk, your profits will take care of itself. If you don’t, your parents will take care of you.”

That about covers it for now

The global financial markets are an interesting place, but following some of these Twitter feeds can make it all the more interesting. In a virtually round-the-clock markets, there’s plenty of time for seriousness. These traders and market experts can add a little humour and light-heartedness to an otherwise stressful day.

[1] Adam Gopnik (May 20, 2016). “The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump.” The New Yorker.

[2] Twitter. @CullenRoche.

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