GBPUSD: A Look At The Week Ahead

GBPUSD: A Look At The Week Ahead

Taking inspiration from one of my followers who messaged me this weekend, I wanted to try something different here on Tradingview and concentrate on a single pair this week instead of randomly posting charts when I have the time. (Let me know what you think of this idea by the way).

This week I wanted focus on the GBPUSD as there are a few potential trading opportunities on the horizon. Big picture, after coming off of a very nice bullish bat pattern in early June, we’ve been waiting for the completion of a good sized bearish bat as well with a completion at 1.5639s. Last week finally brought the break above, close above of our “B” leg and since that point we’ve been looking for trend continuation opportunities to hop aboard a bullish move.

Last week this market found trouble closing above the 1.5552 level which is some cause for concern, but as we come back into previous structure support, i’ll be looking for buying opportunities once again. There are 2 levels that really stand out to me for buying opportunities the structure level between 1.5478-1.5466 and the structure level between 1.5460-1.5421. Which one will hold? I have no idea yet, but this is what i’ll be tracking as the week goes on.

If I have the time, i’ll try and provide an update on this pair throughout the week and if the response is good, maybe this can be a regular thing. No promises, but I did want to start posting to tradingview again and this is a fun way to do so.

Best of luck this week traders! SMASH those markets!

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