GBPUSD: The Week Ahead (Day 5)

GBPUSD: The Week Ahead (Day 5)

On Thursday the GBPUSD broke a very important structure level around the 1.58 even handle. Since that moment I had to redo my I.P.D.E. and shift my focus from a potential short at that area, to a potential long to hop on the underlying trend. In yesterday’s update I told you guys that I was looking for a retracement and you know what it looks like we’ve got one, or are in the process of getting one.

I initially thought we had a Bat pattern completion setting up but our “B” leg comes in a little too deep. So shifting back to harmonics and structure an AB=CD pattern would put us right at our previous outside return, which lines up right with that structure level that was broken earlier in the week. We have a minor Fibonacci retracement down there as well (for those using the CTS) but the main thing is structure at that key level. Could be a demand zone as well for those who are into that.

Technically the “A-Kill” zone starts a little bit higher at the 1.5850’s levels, but I think the lower level will provide the least amount of risk. Either way if you’re a trend following trader and believe that this market is going to continue bullish then both levels would be buying at a bargain price.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week of walking through a single chart. My question for you guys is next week would you like me to continue with this same pair, or pick something different? Please let me know and if there’s a pair you have in mind shoot me those ideas and I’ll pick one over the weekend.

Have a great end of the week, and if you missed my ideas on USDCAD, GBPAUD and the Short Film that I shared representing the everyday battle that is trading. Make sure you check out my latest trading video.

Until next week traders, Plan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan and have a fantastic weekend!

Akil Stokes
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Source:: GBPUSD: The Week Ahead (Day 5)

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