Global Geo-Political Series: Russia Ready to Talk Syrian Peace With US and Un

It is working out well between the United States and Russia, despite the fact that the United States has hit a Syrian airbase in response to an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian President Bashar-al Assad’s government. The Russia was outraged by the attack and condemnations followed. However, as the US Secretary of the state Rex Tillerson visited Moscow and held four hours meeting with the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and two hours meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the tensions between the two seems to be easing. It was evident from the post-meeting press conference.

After last week’s meeting, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov confirmed that there is an upcoming meeting between Russia and the United States along with United Nations’ officials. He said that Moscow is waiting for confirmation from the United States. Recently, on April 13th, President Trump tweeted, “Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. and Russia. At the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace!”

If the United States confirm, then the meeting would be held in Geneva on April 24th and it will be the first of its kind since President Trump took office.
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Source:: Global Geo-Political Series: Russia Ready to Talk Syrian Peace With US and Un

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