What happens in 60 seconds in Forex

The world has been witnessing great changes in its financial markets lately. The condition of many markets is becoming volatile leading them to turn positions drastically, not sparing even a minute from undergoing a change. In a growing age of technology, there are many forex trading software that help trader keep track of every move the market takes.

Forex is a market that never sleeps and remains active 24 hours of all 5 working days. Because of its activity and volume of trade, it’s ranked as the largest financial market in the world. The forex market undergoes a trade of $ 5.3 trillion every day. In order to clearly study the dynamics of the forex market, we split these 24 hours into time-frames of 60 seconds. There is a transaction of $ 3.52 billion in every minute of the day.

The highest traded currency pair in the forex market is EUR/USD, which has a transaction of $ 812 million in a minute.  USD/JPY sees a transaction of $ 632 million while $ 326 million worth of USD/GBP is traded every 60 seconds of the day.

There is a total $ 3 billion worth of USD transaction in a minute around the world, when the total amount of Euros traded in a minute is $ 1.1 billion.

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