How To Live A Frugal Life

Ever since I was young I have always loved watching the original prices come up on the register screen and after ringing up everything in the cart, it was fun to watch the prices fall lower and lower as all the backcountry coupon 2015 from rebateszone or cards were applied. I have grown up watching my mom save money with coupons and always watching the ad’s or sales for the week. By watching her do this I have learned to pick up a lot of her habits of being frugal!

The definition of frugality on is:

“economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing;  not wasteful”

This definition is great to explain the benefits of being frugal. There is not only one benefit, but also many to being frugal! When I went through the first three years of school I had to support myself. With school and living expenses to pay for, it forced me to be frugal so that I had enough money to pay for everything. While going to school I was able to manage on my small budget because I was using coupons, going to the sale/clearance sections, and always looking for deals. This is just one of the many benefits of being frugal!

I got married a year ago and like every newlywed couple you have to be smart with your money. By both my husband and I very frugal with our money. We luckily got married debt free so we had a good start. Still we needed to be careful as we started our life together. We would go grocery shopping and would always be looking for the “better deal” on everything. By doing this we were able to make our money stretch a lot further. I know will help us in the long run! Also, with being frugal we could still do fun things once and a while; like camping, bike riding, hiking, having a dog, etc. Without being frugal with our money we wouldn’t be able to do those things and we would have been tied down quite a bit!

I have gone shopping with friends that have been married a lot longer than me and they are still living on a tight budget after five years of marriage. I feel that when you are young and realize that things aren’t free and cheap the experience will help you are on your own. When you start having to buy your own groceries, clothes, having a house/apartment, car payments, etc. you will not have such a hard time dealing with expenses in life. Everything costs money and if you are not careful you can get ripped off pretty quickly. Of course, I have learned from experience, but I learned that lesson pretty fast!

When I was 11 years old my parents divorced and my mom was left to care for my siblings and me. She was a schoolteacher, which we all know they don’t get a lot of money to begin with. This hard situation, in our life, had many good things come out of it. My mom was always being frugal with her money. She has always been this way, which taught me to be frugal no matter what life throws at you! She was still able to take us on fun trips, which I will never forget them all because she took a little bit more time to be frugal with her finances.

Being frugal with your finances has benefited family and me. There are a lot more benefits for many different people, but in general being frugal can be a great benefit for everyone if they just put forth the effort! Being frugal and “not wasteful” with your finances takes a little bit more time, but is very worth it!

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