How To Use My Trade Calls.

This is a short video just to basically explain how to trade the daily outlooks that I post on my blog, allot of people have been confused, so I thought I’d just a quick video to go through it.

So we’re going to use this example we’ve got here at this particular example is a trade to sell USDJPY, the way you use this information is easy first of all the currency pair which tells you which pair.

Then you got the sentiment the short-term bearish so before you get anything else we know we will be selling USDJPY okay. now if you’ve got your own strategy if you’ve got your own little trading technique if you’ve got your own way of doing it, thats great but just make sure you try to sell USDJPY that’s the most important thing okay.

Now the next thing the most important thing, the market focus on the fundamentals because this give you the reasons why were looking to sell USDJPY, this is what you need to get into your head, this is the analysis you need to be doing everyday, this is what will make you money in the markets. forget the rest of it knowing the reasons behind the move is what will make you money, that’s what you’ve got to get down, that’s what you’ve got learn. So you can see today we’re looking for selling opportunities on the USDJPY that’s it, short-term selling opportunities. Now the fundamentals of the reasons we got investors flowing to seek safe haven assets that means better buying JPY and also USD sold off at the poor retail sales yesterday which diminished the prospect for an early rate hike by the FED.

So we’ve got a very clear reason to buy the JPY, a very clear reason to sell the USD therefore we want to sell USDJPY, again let me repeat if you’ve got your own strategy use it that’s fine okay but the most important thing is that we’re selling USDJPY in the short term and there are very good reasons why. So as long as those reasons are still valid we keep selling USDJPY, okay if all of a sudden is a good reason to buy the USD then of course the reasons this trade would be diminished and the trade dissipates. but this could last today, it could last a week, it could last two weeks you need to focus on the reasons and as long as I reasons are still in play the trade is still valid. Now that brings us to the most confusing part of the trade call for most people, the technicals, now what we do is we provider a confluence zone, this is where you can look to enter the market if you Want to get into it. I also give you targets for stoploss and take profit targets and a little bit of management if the first target gets hit the stoploss gets moved to break even.

Now the confusion here is that a lot of people get the trade call and they think that the price has already hit this level and is way below it and the targets have already been hit and they think they are getting the calls to late this is not the case.I’m going to show you now how to trade these things, okay, so let me just go to the charts. Let’s take a look here, this is that USDJPY trade example, we posted is a few hours ago okay, and there’s lots of people on the comments saying “oh I missed the trade it happened 20 hours ago” that is not the case! The way you do this, is were waiting to the price to pull back to this entry-level, okay if the price keeps falling then there is no trade, our level didn’t get hit. We want the price to pull back to our entry level like this, we need it to rally up here then we sell it, we place our stoploss here and then when it bounces down we hit that first target if you want to hold the trade you to break even and then your second target is up with the ultimate profit target.

Now again you can take all you profits off at target 1, you can move your stop to break even, you can take half top profits off, it doesn’t matter what you do that’s the general framework for you to trade these calls. okay but the most important things you haven’t missed the trade we need the market pull back, there is a very common saying in the trading world we buy the dips we sell the rallies and this is this particular example of the rally trade. So we’re waiting for the market first of rally against the trend and we sell into it there. sometimes the price won’t pullback, maybe pullback in a day or two but as long as those reasons are still valid the trade is still valid.So you can be trading this 1,2,3,4 days from now as it pulls back to that level you’ll get a nice trading opportunity, use your stoploss, use your targets very very simple okay.

So that’s how you trade the daily calls, I hope that clears up any confusion that you’ve been having or fears that you’ve missed the trade anything along those lines that’s basically the situation for the daily trade calls. Now again sometimes the price will just keep falling bear in mind the most important thing is the direction and the reasons, if you’ve got a strategy that gets you in without the need for pullback that’s fine trade it, trade both, your first time you can be looking for signal to get in a straight away okay.

Then is that I can give you stoploss gets hit on that one, then you can look for a second entry off the level that I give okay. So that’s how you do it, I hope that’s cleared up the confusion and hopefully you guys can see the effectiveness of these levels, just watch them the next few weeks you how powerful these levels off these directions the trades and hopefully convince you that fundamentals is the way to be trading.

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