List of Best Stock Feed Sites

When one’s dealing with stocks, remaining fed with up-to-date news is of grave importance. As is the case with most of the things related to the modern-day world, the data can be tracked nowadays on various internet sites. We’ve gathered a list of top ten domains that fall into this category, just for you.

  1. Motley Fool – Looking for the advice of an experienced trader? Have no fear, this site has more than enough of these in store, just for you. However, if you trust nothing but your instincts, and your instincts only, there is more than enough research material stored within the electronic pages here. Motley Fool has it all.
  2. Wall Street Journal – This famous paper has been around for decades, and while the black & white, newspaper edition has really become obsolete nowadays, the Journal offers their information online.
  3. Yahoo Finance – When it comes to sheer number of sources for copious amounts of various articles, Yahoo Finance remains a leader of the race. Their in-depth financial reports make them one of the top-notch stock feed sites.
  4. Investopedia – Undoubtedly, the internet’s largest site when it comes to terms of investing education. It even offers Forex analysis from time to time.
  5. Financial Juice – A free, educational platform, that uses realtime breaking news headlines to cover all the major asset classes.
  6. Seeking Alpha – Not only is this site full of information, it’s overflowing with it. Often ridiculously stupefying, it is at times even difficult to navigate. Luckily, the interface is more than pleasant, so after the user’s conquered the quite steep learning curve, it will become a great source of information.
  7. MSN Money – Microsoft wouldn’t be Microsoft, if they didn’t get their hands on a bit of everything. Having bought Nokia just recently, and thus having claimed the 100% of the Lumia name, it is only logical that they would squeeze under the skin of this stock feed sites list. Under a convenient name, this site has proved to be a fantastic place to boost one’s portfolio.
  8. Bloomberg L. P. – This mass multimedia conglomerate, founded in 1981 provides various financial software tools such as data services, equity trading platforms, and finance news from all ‘round the globe. Home to extremely progressive software, this site enables the user to easily analyze the current stock market. All of this is topped with a useful dedicated vlog.
  9. The Street – Brought to us by Jim Cramer and Martin Peretz, this site is a leader in investing-related articles, the writers of which not only possess a great knowledge, but also have their way with the word, remaining true to the focus on what matters, thus rendering the mentioned articles an easy and, furthermore, a useful read.
  10. Zack’s Investment research – Not requiring a membership to get to the golden stuff, even though not an information giant, this site offers plenty of useful information. The signup that will take no longer than 3 minutes of your time, makes this site a no-brainer if you haven’t already dedicated your attention towards a single stock feed site, which we do not recommend.

So there you have it, make sure that you remain well informed by taking your time not only to try out every site from the list, but to stick at least with a couple of those that fit your needs.

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