How Making Choices Like A Sniper Is Fundamental To Your Consistent Success

It’s very easy in life to become overwhelmed with everything you have to do and all the things you want to create. Often a trader not only has to dedicate themselves to trading, but also to family commitments, friends and work. The reality is that most traders starting out are working a part-time or full-time job until their trading gets to a point that can sustain a reliable income.

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It’s critical to be highly targeted in what you give your energy to if you want to be a successful trader, so that your efforts are consistent, not scattered and diluted. In this video find out why this is so important and what you need to be aware of in terms of how to use your personal energy (physical, mental and emotional energy) and time to get the results you most want. It’s all about being consciously aware and making choices that serve you.

In this video Bernadette Logue, transformational coach and author, outlines the importance of how you channel your energy and how this directly impacts your personal and professional results. Discover the difference between ineffective machine-gun use of your personal energy, and highly targeted sniper-like channeling of your energy.


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