All the Market News You’ll Ever Need, And More

09 August 2016

Whether you’re looking for the latest breaking financial news, your next trading idea or just a small break to read some fun financial fact then the easyMarkets blog is your one-stop-shop for all. Packed full of informative, educational and sometimes just downright amusing articles, our easyMarkets blog is frequently utilised by over 35,000 people.

Here’s your short guide around the blog.

Market News

  • Weekly fundamental analysis gives you the latest market news and upcoming events that may move the markets. Get a deeper understanding on how the week’s major events shape the markets
  • The bullet report is your daily dose of what’s trending, what markets are moving and what’s coming up
  • World and financial news that impacts the global markets. Geopolitical events like Brexit, the failed coups in Turkey, terrorism in France and US elections may cause major economic ripples
  • A closer look at key political figures from around the globe, their policies, scandals and how they affect the markets
  • Macro analysis of global events placed in a historical context. For those interested in the big picture!

Technical Analysis

  • Daily bullet report of currencies, stocks, indices and commodities in the spotlight
  • Data driven analytics with previous highs and lows pitted against current moves
  • Support and resistance levels with pivot points.

Hot Topic Videos

  • From bank announcements, to major market moves, our weekly videos focus on the top trending financial news items
  • Find out what happened, how its affected the markets and what’s coming up to keep an eye on.


  • Both beginners and advanced traders will find a section targeted to their interests
  • Beginners articles range from The Top 20 Terms Every Investor Should Know to A Beginners Guide to Hedging
  • Advanced articles go into more depth on How to use charts, oscillators, moving averages and more
  • Get the forex basics and learn about CFD trading

Fun Stuff

  • Who’s on the Forex Rich list? How a Pokemon triggered buying frenzy for Nintendo, the best TED talks on finance, 10 financial gurus to follow on social media, the funniest traders to follow on Twitter, the best deals to have made this year
  • When you want some time out, kick back and take a dip into the fun stuff section of the blog.

A little over a year old, the blog has almost 8,000 articles or videos to view. If you can’t find something to read, like or share then send us a note of what you would like to see and we’ll do something about it. Email with what you’d like to see on our blog.

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