Newbie Guide to Making Better Sense of Forex Trading

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Trading in foreign currency can be a great opportunity for many traders who are willing to put in the time to learn the ins and outs of trading. While it has some similarities to other types of trading, there are some differences, and it is important to know what they are and how the overall system works.

Why Is the Exchange Rate Important?

The exchange rate is extremely important to the Forex trader, as this will let you know the cost of the base currency (when you buy with the quote currency).

What Is the Ask Price and Bid Price?

The ask price is the broker’s price for selling the base currency for your quote currency. The bid price is important as well. This is the cost at which the broker will buy the base currency for quote currency. The best price where you would sell your quote currency is called the bid. While these are similar, you need to understand the difference. The difference between the bid and the ask is known as the spread.

Learn to Read the Quotes

When reading a quote, you’ll be looking at the two numbers to find the bid and the ask price. The bid is on the left of the quote. The ask is on the right.

The Difference Between the Long and Short Position

If you have a long position, it means you are going to choose the base currency and then sell the quote currency. A short position is the opposite – you want to sell the base currency and buy the quote currency.

What Currency Should You Buy and Sell?

You have to know which currencies you will want to buy and sell, naturally. You can’t simply pick those that you have a good feeling about; you need to do the research to have an informed opinion, along with some evidence, of which economies might weaken or strengthen, as this will affect the value of the currency when compared with other countries. Look at things such as the trading position, the country’s debt, the politics, and economics in the country, and actual charts that can help you to predict the movement of currencies.

Find a Broker

When you have studied the currencies, and you’ve practiced trading without using real money, you can then start looking for a broker that will facilitate the trades for you. Make sure that the broker has experience and a good reputation. Since there is not as much regulation in Forex, you really need to do your research here to make sure you have the best possible broker working with you.

Getting started in Forex takes some research, and you need to understand the basics before you begin in earnest. This will help keep you from making mistakes that could turn out to be costly.

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