Nicknames of Currencies and the History Behind Them

If you have spent any amount of time trading Forex then you have probably heard some of the interesting nicknames given to currency pairs.

Although you have heard some of these nicknames you might not be aware of the history behind them, so that is what we are going to discover today.


Referred to as either the Fibre or simply the Euro, the EUR/USD is one of the most frequently traded currency pairs.

One explanation for the Fibre nickname is that it is a reference to the GBP/USD which is called Cable, and that it is somewhat looked upon as an ‘upgrade’ based on the old telecommunications cable connecting the UK with the US.

Another slightly simpler explanation is the fact that the Eurozone is reported to have one of the best optical fibre networks on the planet.


The EUR/GBP is often referred to as the Chunnel, a play on words which comes from the name of the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK with France and the rest of Europe.


Guppy and Geppy are names sometimes given to the GBP/JPY, and this simply stems from condensing the pair name phonetically.


Loonie is the name most commonly given to this pair; a reference to the bird on Canadian coinage.

Another older nickname given to the USD/CAD pair is The Funds, which refers to the distinction made between USD and CAD deposits.


Matie, Aussie, and Ozzie are all names given to the AUD/USD.

Aussie and its variant Ozzie are the most common names for this currency pair, with fairly obvious origins. As for Matie, that one is slightly more obscure with uncertain origins.


Yuppy and Euppy are more nicknames which phonetically squish together the letters of the name for this currency pair.

These two nicknames are pronounced the same; however, it is worth noting that a nickname is not commonly used for EUR/JPY.


The USD/JPY pair can be called Yen and even Ninja, again with fairly obvious origins based on the Yen’s home in Japan.


As we mentioned above this currency pair is most typically referred to as Cable.

This nickname refers to the steel cable that was laid beneath the At Atlantic Ocean in 1858 to enable telecommunications between the UK and US.

This cable allowed for currency prices to be sent between London and New York, so ‘Cable’ is certainly one of the more historically significant nicknames!


The last two currency pairs we will look at have very simple explanations behind their nicknames.

The USD/CHF is referred to as the Swissy… can you figure out why?


Finally we have the NZD/USD which is called the Kiwi, a simple reference to the common nickname given to New Zealanders stemming from their national flightless bird.

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