Our Latest Concern – Immigration and the World Economy

Ordinarily in our daily editions of Market Tea Leaves we insert a section called future concerns. However given the gravity of this particular concern we elected to create an article dedicated to the subject matter.

Lately we in the United States are hearing issues from Eastern Europe regarding and concerning immigrant migration from the Middle East, in particular Syria. We see reported on the Internet refugees storming train stations in Budapest to travel west to Austria or Germany.   We hear and understand that the reason why this is happening is because those refugees are seeking freedom from oppression. After all only a few short years ago Syria gassed its own people in order to eliminate rebel factions. It seems that Germany (for whatever reason) is offering the largest “helping hand” to get these people relief. This is the same Germany that nearly bankrupted Greece a short while ago and nearly held the global market at bay in order to push thru austerity on the birthplace of democracy. This is the same Germany that in the 1990’s closed its eyes to genocide that was happening in Serbia and did nothing about it. England? England will do nothing without US involvement. France? France has its own issues with immigration (just think Charlie Hebdo and the recent train attacks).

Europe is getting its taste of this issue loud and clear. Unfortunately they won’t do anything about it and will attempt to drag the United States into this issue. They claim that Operation Iraqi Freedom started this nonsense and we have to clean it up.   They will state as Tony Blair did in the 1990’s “you can’t yourself the world’s leading democracy and not expect to get involved with these issues”. As to the Operation Iraqi Freedom comment; there is a certain measure of truth to this. I have long argued that if a country wants freedom they have to be willing to fight for it themselves. They cannot expect another country to do it for them. The US learned this in the Revolutionary War, France learned this in 1789 and even Great Britain learned this in the Glorious Revolution. If the Iraqi people wanted freedom so badly they should have staged their own revolution. Instead what they cared about was having a job to go to and going to bed with a full meal in their stomach. In short they had no desire for democracy if it meant they starve.

In regards to the Tony Blair comment the world needs to learn that the United States has its own issues to deal with in regards to immigration and has no desire to get involved with the failings of another country. Recently we’ve learned that the Iran Nuclear accord is being threatened by other countries’ willingness to back out of the deal and lift economic sanctions against Iran. In other words “United States you either agree with this deal or you’re on your own.” Nothing like good old loyalty, is there? A bad deal is a bad deal regardless of who prompted it or the parties involved. How does this affect markets globally? If the economic sanctions are lifted then Iranian crude will flood the markets and the price of oil will plummet. On one hand this may be good for consumers but for traders it’s not so good.

Bottom line, the world will have to deal with some of these issues on their own and stop relying on the United States to get involved. The US has its own issues, problems and concerns to deal with and can’t be expected to clean up a mess. Inevitably this would create an even bigger problem that the respective country will have to resolve.

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