Why Partners are Moving Over to ATFX

ATFX Announcing its latest initiative to make business safer and more lucrative for business introducers, ATFX explained that its Marketing Partner Programme (MPP) was designed to cater to the needs of the company’s partners, keeping in mind the best interests of web affiliates.

The company went on to explain that there are very few brokers that run affiliate programmes focused at the well-being of their partners. The basis of most programmes is the introducer arrangement, where affiliates are paid their commission on the basis of their introduced clients’ trading activities. This links partner commissions to spreads, volumes, size or number of deposits, instruments, number of trades and other aspects that are not only unpredictable, they are also the type of linking that the authorities and regulators are trying to weed out, keeping the best interests of traders as the priority. Does this necessarily mean that such programmes are unreliable or not beneficial for partners? ATFX explained further.

Partners are Leaving Other Affiliate Programmes

“The biggest issue that partners face is related to safety” Dominic Poynter, Marketing Manager at ATFX stated. “With regulators cracking down on unethical programmes and the linking of commissions to trading activities, partners today never know when their earnings will come to a standstill overnight, with the affiliate programme they are marketing being shut down by regulators. Many brokers do not invest the time or capital required to update their systems to be compliant with the latest regulations. For instance, MiFID II came into force in the beginning of January 2018 but there still are many firms that are not yet compliant with the changes made to the original MiFID guidelines.”

This is where ATFX stands apart from the crowd. The company is regulated by the CySEC, as well as the EEA and registered with the UK FCA. ATFX is both CySEC and MiFID II compliant. ATFX has paid great attention to ensuring that its Marketing Partner Programme (MPP) also complies with all rules and regulations, so that none of its partners are penalised for something that is not their fault.

Another step that the company has taken, keeping in mind the best interests of its partners is to change the commission structure. Now at ATFX, partners are paid based on where an introduced client is within ATFX’s sales funnel. Dominic added “This ensures that partners get paid for every single lead. It also gives them peace of mind that their earnings will remain consistent, rather than fluctuating widely, which is what occurs when commissions are linked to trading activities.”

Another key difference that ATFX has brought about, is ensuring regular payments. This makes the company stand apart from the numerous firms that either delay payments or cheat affiliates out of their commission. Market research and partner surveys conducted by ATFX also reveal that affiliates are lured to join programmes because the brokerage firms promise large rebates and rewards, as well as very high proportions of revenue sharing. It is only after the affiliate has joined the programme do they realise that not only were the promises not kept, but that they don’t even get the commission that is rightfully theirs.

ATFX went on elaborate that many affiliate programmes suffer from a conflict of interest with the brokerage, where the affiliate is perceived as competing with the firm’s own marketing division. To protect their own earnings, such firms then bar affiliates from marketing their services on various platforms that are being used by the brokerage, leaving the affiliates with very few avenues to market themselves and garner clients. Another way these companies cheat the affiliates is by using the Last-Click cookie policy. The brokers use this to explain that their own marketing team, social media strategies and directory listings created the lead, although the affiliate should ethically have been credited with the business.


Why Partners are Choosing MPP

Once again, ATFX designed its MPP programme to ensure that there is no such conflict of interest and that affiliates need never worry that they will not receive their rightful payments.

Moreover, to ensure that its partners get paid regularly, MPP includes a weekly payment window, putting the control back in the hands of affiliates regarding when they wish to withdraw their earnings. ATFX also offers attractive spreads and accounts for traders, giving introducers more to look forward to.

Another huge advantage that MPP offers web affiliates is the option to choose from multiple plans, based on their level of expertise and experience. As partners learn and grow in their knowledge and skills, aided by the mentoring and support of the expert team at ATFX, they have the freedom to move to another plan. “This is only a reflection of how much ATFX values each of its partners for what they can bring to the table,” added Dominic, elaborating that the MPP is a 100% bespoke programme, tailored to meet the needs of different types of affiliates, while complying with all European regulations.

The company emphasised that its team is dedicated to helping partners succeed. ATFX does this by providing valuable support from a team of experts, along with educational resources and tools that will help partners learn and grow in the business. With the MPP, loyalty and perseverance will always be rewarded.

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