Retail Brokers – Stop Hunting

Welcome to my special video presentation on retail brokers.

I will do it in four parts. This is the first part and there will be three other parts following this video. So each video won’t be too long.

Basically, this presentation is based on series of emails in which our members shared their experiences with the retail brokers (read one of these emails by pressing).

They found it really frustrating that every time they got in to the markets they got stopped out and it really seemed like someone in there, perhaps the broker was really trying to play against them. Every time they placed a trade the price almost immediately hit its stop and so on.

So what’s going on with retail brokers? Are they stop hunting? Are they trying to take all your money? How does it all work? We are going to answer all these questions.

As I said, we are going to do this in four parts:

The first part will cover the topic of stop hunting. Do brokers hunt your stops? Do they deliberately move the price so that your stop gets hit?

The second thing we are going to look at is intraday volatility and changing market conditions. What does this mean? How does it impact where you should place your stops?

The third topic is something called the b-booking. You might not be familiar with the terms of b-booking and a-booking yet. So we are going to look at what exactly that is and why b-booking is so relevant if you are a retail trader trading at the retail broker. It’s very important to understand what b-booking is because that will help you to understand this whole process much better.

The fourth part will explain what happens to profitable traders. If you are trading at retail broker and if retail brokers are hunting everyone’s stops then what happens to the profitable traders? If you are successful what happens to you? How do you get fit in to this whole puzzle?

I hope that you will get the much deeper understanding on how retail brokers work as this presentation unfolds. It should also explain to you what’s going on when you are having this kind of periods when it seems that your every trade is stopped out and the markets are really running against you.

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