Seven Advantages of the MetaTrader4 Trading Platform

When it comes to online retail trading, MetaTrader4 (or MT4) from MetaQuotes is the gold standard. Since its inception in 2002, MT4 has grown in popularity, becoming the platform of choice for brokers, financial professionals and retail traders. For that reason, easyMarkets is proud to offer its traders the MT4 trading platform, along with all the bells and whistles that optimize the user experience. Below are seven advantages traders could expect when accessing MT4 with easyMarkets.

Access to 120+ markets

Through MT4, easyMarkets offers traders access to over 120 markets spanning currencies, commodities (energy and precious metals), indices and vanilla options. The MT4 platform provides seamless access to all these markets, allowing traders to diversify their investment portfolios.

Plugins and feeds

MT4 gives traders access to public interfaces that allow for seamless integration with other platforms and third-party applications. Plugins for functionality, news and quote feeds can all be streamlined on the MT4 platform, giving you a one-stop shop for managing your experience.

Guaranteed fixed spreads

Guaranteed fixed spreads aren’t commonly available in the retail market. The easyMarkets fixed spread guarantee ensures that traders are subject to the same prices regardless of market conditions and volatility. This sort of consistency and dependability might help you manage the risks of your trading.

Powerful charting software

One of the main reasons why MT4 is so beloved by traders is its attractive charting interface that provides access to over 50 technical indicators and charting tools. easyMarkets MT4 platform also includes trading signals from Trading Central for free to clients. Regardless of your trading approach, MT4’s advance charting capabilities allow you to analyze all aspects of a security before entering or exiting a position.


Great brokers stand out with MT4 because the platform incorporates advanced communication tools, which allow service providers to post messages and communicate with traders in real time.[1] Brokers with a high level of personal support can provide their users with the optimal trading experience by keeping them up to date about their account.

MultiTerminal for money managers

Advanced brokers usually offer programs geared toward money managers and other financial market participants. The MT4 MultiTrader component allows money managers to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. The feature is highly intuitive, with an interface that mirrors the MT4 Client Terminal. easyMarkets has also streamlined MultiTerminal for investors interested in autotrading and those who prefer advanced technical analysis in their trading.


It goes without saying that security is critically important when trading the financial markets. That’s why MT4 was designed to be one of the most secure trading platform in the online retail space. The MT4 platform encrypts the data between the trader’s account and the server with a 129-bit key. All you need to know is this prevents cyberattacks and ensures the trader’s identity is safeguarded.[2]

To experience why MT4 is the go-to platform for traders around the world, signup for an easyMarkets Live Trading account. easyMarkets gives you access to all the latest MT4 features and components while enjoying the stability of one of the world’s most trusted financial brokers.

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