Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs

In my opinion, the high school student deserves to have a part-time job. Part time job orients the student to the real world after school besides earning while still schooling. The learning of real-world lesson enables an individual to cope with the difficulties of the economy through realizing the relevancy of responsibilities. Considering the successful entrepreneurs and personnel in the world have a history of indulging in businesses or working at very young age leading to the creation of their foundation in their areas of expertise. Completing assignment helps in understanding the course requirements with effective time management enabling the student to indulge in part-time jobs.

Time management

Many people believe that schooling is the job of the high school student and thus the extracurricular activities they indulge in should revolve around the improvement of the grades to enable them join competitive colleges. I have a different perspective regarding this argument considering the capabilities of students differs. Moreover, time planning and the commitment of an individual defines the success accomplished at the end of an activity. In this case, there exist student who engage in a part time job and have the ability to maintain the performance in the school consistently. This reflects the difference that exist in student capabilities.


Considering the statistic results of the Bureau of Labor, that state student holding part time jobs experience decrease in success in school since they spend less time on homework on the days she/he is on duty. The results do not consider the ability of multitasking developed by a student as they focus on accomplishing the objectives and goals of the school and experience gains in the working world. Considering the school curriculum embraces the internships and attachments to enable the student exploits the knowledge, and the skills learned part-time job remain essential. Additionally, the ability of prioritizing tasks as the student focus on maneuvering in both school and work environment continuously develops. This ability develops as an individual adapts to both environments.


Defining career directions

The part-time jobs of high school students assist in defining and exploring the career directions as they transform from adolescent to adulthood. Moreover, working enables an individual to develop various skills that are remains basic in interviews and success in life. For instance, the interview etiquette and the confidence needed in future differs among the students that have been in part-time jobs and those who have been in school all through.
The student manages to cope with the situation since minimal time is allocated to the part-time job. Thus, they do not commit to long hours immediately enabling adaptation to the situation. People may object part-time jobs of the high school student but in the real sense student are never reading all the time even if not working. Moreover, working nurtures young people to greater people in future where the learned knowledge is well utilized. In consideration of peer pressure working population of high school student are not affected since free time is well spent in part-time jobs. At this age, peer pressure affects many adolescents and thus being busy reduces the level of the population affected by peer pressure.


Financial Stability

In some cases, students have to indulge in part-time jobs to assist the families and ensure their continuity in education. This arises where some families is disadvantaged financially, and thus part-time job remains vital in ensuring the acquisition of the basic needs. In this consideration, high school student should work to better their life and learn more through part-time jobs.



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