Summer Trading or Summer Tanning? Why not both?

Upcoming events will keep your summer trading exciting

A good old Wall Street saying goes “Sell in May and walk away”. Summer trading was measurably lower while people took their vacations and exchanged their desktops and platforms for a tan. But since the introduction of the first web-based trading platform by easyMarkets in 2001, things have changed a lot, and trading has become more flexible. Summer trading has is now much more exciting.

Summer Trading and ‘Black Monday’

If the last two years are any indications, the summer months are certainly no time to take a break from trading.

24th August 2015, a day infamously dubbed “Black Monday”. The events began weeks earlier when the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) unexpectedly devalued the yuan currency. Several devaluations later it ended up triggering a chain of events that ended up in a $5 trillion loss on the global stock exchanges. [1]

In trading, big losses for the market can sometimes offer trading opportunities for those who are prepared and ready to take advantage of them. Events such as ‘Black Monday’ do not distinguish between seasons.


Summer Trading in 2017: The economic calendar is packed

Summer trading in 2017 will perhaps be one of the most interesting ones. Geopolitical risks arising from monetary policies and economic data will likely make this summer season very active.

Summer trading is starting as early as the 8th of June when the UK election will take place. It can be argued that this is the most unexpected political event since the Brexit. The snap election triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May came as a surprise to most traders. She had previously said the country would not have the election.

Summer trading will also happen in parallel with the start of Brexit negotiations which means the market could have many expectations, rumors, talks, and announcements to look forward to.

At the moment, the conservatives are expected to secure a bigger mandate to pursue a hard Brexit.

Shortly after the UK election, on the 14th of June, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will be releasing its interest rate decision. This particular meeting is keeping traders on their toes. Expectations are for another interest rate hike. However, the Fed can always surprise the market and go against expectations. The market tends to see the most volatility when announcements don’t match expectations.

Central banks from around the world will continue to meet over monetary policy during the summer, giving traders the latest verdict on interest rates. These events will likely continue to influence market behaviour for the foreseeable future.

Summer Trading equals Trump Trading

Sun or rain, the Trump factor does not rest. And yes, we did say ‘Trump Trading’, because Donald Trump has been a prominent factor behind market movements.

We can expect ongoing entertainment from the United States’ President, but we can also expect more behavior which can affect the market, as it has in the past few months.

Talks of impeachment which have surfaced in the media following his firing of FBI head James Comey. This will keep the market in anticipation, as expectations of a real impeachment rise and fall. The president is also expected to keep pushing his economic agenda. Financial markets will probably be pulled along.

Trade from Anywhere

In this day and age, Summer trading is easier than ever. Whether you are on the beach in your hometown or on the beach in Hawaii, all you need is your smartphone. Trading apps are the way to go. With market alerts and notifications, they make monitoring accounts fast and easy.

You can indulge in the sun and enjoy your much-deserved time off, without missing all the exciting events of the summer.

[1] “Brianna Lee (24 August 2015). “’Black Monday’: Global Stocks Have Lost $5 Trillion Since China’s Yuan Devaluation.” IB Times.

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