Take Ownership Of Your Trading

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Taking absolute responsibility for your trading destiny and the results you get is the first step to take. This might seem pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how many people meander about without having laid down a clear path to achieve their vision of trading success (if they even have a clear vision of success). Once you’ve defined a path for getting where you want to be, you’ll automatically start to critically assess everything you do, see or read. You’ll start to question what’s in front of you and whether it helps or hinders you. With this mindset, you’ll begin to fully appreciate the true nature of a strategy and see its strengths and inevitable weaknesses as all the “non-signals” play out in front of your eyes.

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  1. Silvii Reply

    Hi Eric, Thank you very much for this piece of information.I find this video as imnartopt as the video from CFTC hearing in March concerning precious metals manipulation. I always was suspicious of the issuers of those put options. The financial collapse will be triggered by initial collapse of some entity followed by insurance claims that will trigger the following collapses. This video will be perfected if you added at the end that most people buying insurance (put options) think they are safe when actually they are not protected against risk. The world is comming to an extremely rude awakening. In the following decades trust will be very hard to gain. Great video. best,Radek S.

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