The Only Thing You Need to Know About Trading Anything

Posted On 13 May 2014
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By Steve W.

……and a bunch of other stuff. So it’s talk time again, and this time I was asked to do a podcast with a long term friend of our site,

So sit back, relax and enjoy an interview with professional trader and fund manager Steve W who you will learn to master the Forex and clear a path to independent wealth. Steve has over a decade of trading experience, 7 professionally, trading a range of instruments, and is kind enough to spend his time teaching others in his spare time. But he is busy, so don’t expect an immediate reply nor attempt to criticize him or you will met with internet intimidation and tongue lashings from the man himself.

Sorry. I forgot for a second that I don’t push irrelevancy on this website. Here’s what I meant:

“Listen to this podcast if you are bored, engaged in other activities such as playing Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga on your mobile device, getting in a little ‘me’ time on the ride home, or otherwise find yourself in a situation where you need to relax by listening to information about a generally high pressure profession.”

As usual I am reminded, as with any speaking engagement, a few things about my belief system:

-I believe that cheetah’s only eat when they’re hungry, and they seek out decrepit prey.

-The words “so” and “anyway” are sure fire ways to end any sentence. Also, “um” is not a word, but should be.

-People do of stupid a lot things when they trade, and I have no shame in admitting it.

With full credit to Hugh, his patience is extraordinary and he is extremely complimentary. I obviously enjoy talking about these topics, but again this is one of these more general conversations.

The specifics are what are not discussed, and the most relevant. Enjoy.

Here is the original link to Hugh’s post, and his blog, which has been going strong for 6 years now:

And the podcast page on iTunes:

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