Think You Are In Control of Your Trading Results? You’ll Be Surprised About What’s Really Going On.

All of your trading decisions are being made by you through the unique lens of your beliefs. What you believe about yourself, about other traders, about the market, about money, about the world… Your beliefs give rise to thought patterns and resulting feelings, all of which together flow into your actions in any given moment. This is all happening whether you realise it or not.

If you want to create more targeted, effective and efficient actions in your trading, you must come to understand that you have a belief system that underpins everything you do. It is unique to you. It is the internal code that runs you.

Beliefs + Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Outcomes

This video from Bernadette Logue (Author & Transformational Coach) covers 7 essential facts that you need to know so you can take control of your own internal code (beliefs) and create transformation in your life from the inside out. When watching this reflect on your own trading experiences. Can you see where your trading results are being negatively effected by your belief systems? Comment below to share your experiences.



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