Top 5 Best TED Talks on Finance

Money management and personal finances don’t come easy to everyone. Luckily, there is a series of passionate videos designed to not only educate, but inspire you toward action.

TED Talks are a series of influential videos from experts and industry leaders from around the world. While not focused specifically on finance, there have been several speakers over the years who have delved into this very subject, offering their words of wisdom on how to manage money, get out of debt and lead a healthier financial life. Money isn’t everything, but it’s darn important. If you’re looking to put away cash, pay down debt or invest in your financial future, consider checking out the following five TED talks.

Keith Chen – Could Your Language Affect Your Ability to Save Money?

“Could your language affect your ability to save money?” asks behavioural economist Keith Chen, who delivers an incredibly brief and succinct talk on the correlation between money and language. Chen’s main assertion, based on years of research, is that language without a concept for the future is strongly associated with higher savings rates. Rather than saying, “It will rain tomorrow,” consider “It rain tomorrow.” Sounds obscure? It is. But this crucial difference in how we use language can orient your cognitive function toward saving.[1] In other words, saving money for the future must begin right now, and language needs to reflect that.

Chris McKnett – The Investment Logic for Sustainability

The concept of power investing – putting money to work for you to generate profitable returns – is one of the most coveted ways to build wealth. Unfortunately, most investors can’t seem to get it right. That’s because most of them get caught up in the statistics involved in analyzing different companies and ventures. Chris McKnett gives a compelling talk on how to look beyond performance numbers. While financial data is critical, it is not the only variable for assessing the growth potential of a company, product or idea.[2] Give Chris a listen to find out more.

Preet Banerjee – Change the Way You Think About Money

Preet Banerjee touches one of the biggest reasons why people never become wealthy or even financially independent. Debt – that pesky four-letter word that used to be considered a profane idea – has become as natural as breathing in today’s economy. In just 14 minutes, Banerjee makes a compelling case as to why people should go back to viewing debt as undesirable or a burden that must be overcome.

“We need to start hating debt again,” Banerjee says. But in order to get there, you have to change the way you view money.[3]

Shlomo Benartzi – Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Another economist cracks our list. This time its Shlomo Benartzi, who gives you the lo-down on how to manage money without compromising on all your personal spending needs. In order to fix the savings’ gap that inflicts so many adults, we need to develop a healthy approach between spending right now and saving for the future. Benartzi argues that we can change our behavioural challenges into a solution enabling us to enjoy the present while also saving for the future. This 17:45 talk will get you thinking differently about how you approach both spending and saving. Benartzi does a great job of helping viewers develop the thoughts and frame of mind needed to boost how much we put away each month.

Alexa von Tobel – One Life-Changing Class You Never Took

The amazing thing about Alexa von Tobel’s brief 11-minute talk is how quickly she gets at the heart of the real reason why so many of us struggle with finances. Tobel asks us to think back on whether we’ve ever been taught the fundamentals of personal finance. If so, just how many of those lessons do we live by? If you’re like most people, you likely don’t have much of an answer to these straightforward questions. That’s why Alexa’s talk is so important. She dissects why 3 out of ever 4 people feel out of control with their personal finances and why so many are consumed with worry over money. It turns out we’re not really as poor as we think; we’re just really bad at managing our money.

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