Top 5 investing blogs to follow this season

I still remember when I was visiting a friend in New York City in the mid-1980s I had a chance to do a part of a project in ‘how to use and trade on stock exchange’ with a PhD student at Colombia University. To say the least it was like Sanskrit to me and at the end of let’s say 4 hours I knew more than when I stared but it was still a mystery to me…

At present there is a whole new generation of ‘new’ and young people who with the help of Internet and Online Databases are able to collect necessary information to embark on this journey of making money via trading on a stock exchange.

These (mainly young) people are willing through their CVs and experience ‘share’ a bit of luck and instruct the rest of us how to start, or for ones who are already doing the Investing, achieve more in their endeavor to ‘earn’ more. Simply by reading their blogs online a potential Investor will find what is required in this business. So here are the blogs I have seen but go on explore you’ll find more.


One of the best blogs I have seen relating to ‘Investing’ is a blog belonging to an American Timothy Sykes, a man known in his field as a ‘penny stock trader’. In his post as a trader he achieves to present the field of stock trading in ‘laymen’s’ terms, something that everyone would understand and at the same time his graphs, charts, pie-charts and information is very detailed and down helpful if you are planning to ‘sail’ into his world. Everyone will be able to, taking his advice, ‘give it a go’ at trading and maybe with a bit of luck and hard work ‘make millions’.


Fred Destin (founding investor at Seedcamp) is a Belgian blogger/investor who identifies “early stage startups in the areas of life science and technology innovation”. Dustin, like Timothy used clear images and helpful explanations on why he makes a certain decision about investing.


Jason Ball is a native of London, UK, and he also chairs at Qualcomm Ventures Europe, London. He also worked at London Seed Capital and the Investment Director. Ball has been inside the field of the Internet and mobile startups for eight years and is very clear and also willing to give good advice in a variety of topics relating to investing in shipping products or raising money.


Martin Varsavsky is originally from Argentina with some Spanish origin, and he is a CEO of a global wifi network Fon, and believe it or not he teaches at Colombia University in NYC. This man is able to advise on topics relating to investing on both markets of America and Europe where he is present.


And finally I will mention ‘ein’ Berliner Ciaran O’Leary who is a Partner of Earlybird, for the connoisseurs that is a Venture Capital Firm that specializes in technology ventures, with 8 years of experience in the field of Investor Investments. Ciaran is I ll quote: “the unofficial spokesperson for Berlin’s startup scene and has been quoted many times in international media outlets”. He also joined the ‘blogging block’ recently.

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Sophie is a Sydney based blogger and curator at Bizzmarkblog. She’s running her own home business for the past five years and has huge experience in managing finance and investment issues. She loves to share that knowledge and help other women to start her own career.
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