Uber lets you track loved ones in real-time with Trip Tracker

Uber lets you track loved ones in real-time with Trip Tracker

Uber is helping parents feel safer about letting their children take rides with the launch of its latest feature, Trip Tracker. The new tool lets family members stay updated on their loved ones’ trips in real-time through the Uber app.

The addition is connected to Uber’s Family Profiles feature, a program they launched in March which lets customers pay for their family and friends’ rides.  Now that oil prices have started trending again, these are all factors families will be considering for their transportation options.  Parents can maintain greater security by tracking the progress of the trip in real-time as well as get push notifications on their phone.

Potential Concerns

This will directly address the concerns of parents who were uncomfortable sending their kids in Uber cars alone. But of course, the tracking feature will benefit anyone sending a loved one on an Uber ride, such as older relatives or spouses. This will be important for investors looking for profitable opportunities and the best stock trades in the new company.  Before this feature, Uber already allowed riders to share real-time maps of each other’s travels.

But they had to specifically choose the people they wanted to share it with. The family member paying for the ride would also see a map of the route on their receipt but that only came after the trip ended. Trip Tracker simplifies all of this by making the route sharing automatic and instant.

Using New Features

To use the new feature, make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app installed. Then add the members of your family you want to pay for to your Family Profile. After that, you’ll be able to view their rides in real-time on the map.  These are all marketable features likely to look attractive for stock investors looking to invest in tech.

It’s true that sometimes, non-family members and money investors just want to cover someone else’s bill and in those cases, the rider might find it a bit unnerving that their trip is being tracked in real-time (even if the route will be on the receipt later). In those instances, if the rider wants to keep their route hidden, they’ll need to remember to change the billing method from now on.

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