USD/JPY rises on Nikkei surge

• USD/JPY, JPY complex better bid on Nikkei surge, exporters cap USD/JPY.
• USD/JPY 119.82 to 120.45, exporter fiscal half-end sales, 120 budgets.
• Larger institutional players trading less actively too – near half-end.
• EUR/JPY up more, 134.36 to 134.74 then eases.
• GBP/JPY 184.36 to 185.43, AUD/JPY 83.99 to 85.11, NZD/JPY 75.92 to 77.08.

• EUR/USD Asia open 1.1204, held up well o/n throughout strong risk rally.
• Tick up to 1.1217 early, Tokyo EUR/JPY demand cited.
• Soaring Asia equities sees EUR/USD fall off later to 1.1164.
• EUR/AUD, EUR/NZD sales too – 1.5694 to 1.5817, 1.7671 to 1.7446.
• EUR/USD tech supports ahead of 1.1150, 1.1120.

• Cable mostly better bid in Asia, range 1.5383-1.5404.
• Not much expected from BoE MPC policy announcement tomorrow, even-keel.
• EUR/GBP heavy, off from 0.7283 retracement high to 0.7252 in Asia.

• USD/CHF up modestly in Asia, from 0.9776 to 0.9803.
• EUR/CHF up early in Asia to 1.0970 before easing back to 1.0944.

• AUD/USD opens Asia at 0.7018, trades up from 0.7015 to 0.7071.
• AUD/USD bid from get-go as broad Tuesday risk rally continues.
• Nikkei leads equities higher, JPY crosses including AUD/JPY bought.
• AUD/USD stops above 0.7045 tripped on way up.

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