ecs.LIVE Translates Trading Systems into Analysis and Setups

Dear Traders,

although we offer occasional help with our webinars and analysis, the market moves fast and changes very quickly. In many cases, traders are left on their own as they face important decisions about new or old trades.

Today marks an important day for us at Elite CurrenSea because Nenad and I (Chris) will start to offer more live support than ever before (on top of the free analysis we already offer).

We will call this extra support: ecs.LIVE. And yes, it includes setups from our ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT setups!

This article explains our new ecs.LIVE service but this article also discusses that similarities and differences in the trading methods of Nenad and Chris, why simple trading systems are very limited, how Chris and Nenad actually trade, and we share some of the recent success stories of our ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT traders.

Above all, make sure to check out and try our 2 week trial for ecs.LIVE.

Source:: ecs.LIVE Translates Trading Systems into Analysis and Setups

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About the Author
Elite CurrenSea (ECS), founded by Chris Svorcik & Nenad Kerkez, is an award-winning Forex, CFD & Cryptocurrency trading solution provider.
Nenad & Chris offer market analysis, free education and proprietary trading systems. Their combined trading experience of over 30 years helps them to navigate the markets applying their favourite Wave Analysis Theory (Chris Svorcik) and Camarilla Trading Method (Nenad Kerkez).
You can learn more about the service provider through their website HERE

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