3 Tips to Help Sell Your Client Your Trading Ideas

No matter what kind of product or service you offer, sales is a part of any business. In order to sell your product or service, you have to convince clients or consumers that they actually need your product or service. Beyond that, however, many service industries have to actually convince clients that their recommendations are sound. Sometimes sales tactics stop when the client buys a product and sometimes good sales tactics are still necessary even after the client has signed on. When you need to convince your client of something, here are 3 effective tactics for persuading them.

  1. Help the client understand what is in their best interest

One of the most important things to show your clients is that you are working on their behalf and keeping their best interests in mind. Even doctors can’t perform procedures without a patient’s consent, so even doctors and medical professionals have to convince patients that their recommendations are actually in the patient’s best interest. Ultimately, you are in the business of offering advice, but it is always important to remember that clients are always free not to take it.

Conversely, however, if clients don’t take your advice and things go bad for them, that can end up being a black mark on your reputation. This can sometimes make it difficult to work with hesitant clients or clients that disregard your advice entirely. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you truly want to act in the best interests of your client, you need to always keep their wishes at the forefront of any actions you may take on their behalf. By doing so, you will gain both their trust and their loyalty.

  1. Use visuals

It can be hard sometimes for clients to understand concepts like how a 3% or 6% growth rate is actually fairly significant or the long term impact of small actions. Facts figures and numbers are important, but they can be difficult for clients to really grasp or understand. Charts, graphs and other data visualization tools can help clients see and understand the bigger picture or make better sense of the numbers.

Charts, graphs and other visuals can give shape and form to raw numbers. This can help clients more fully understand what it is you are doing for them and how your work benefits them, which in turn makes it easier to persuade them. When they understand how what you are doing is helping them, they are more likely to go along with your suggestions with little resistance.

  1. Listen

It may seem like persuading and listening are opposites, but the truth is, if you are truly meeting your client’s needs they are less likely to need much persuading. The best way to ensure you are really meeting your client’s needs is to listen carefully to what they are.

Not all clients are going to have the same desires. For instance, one seller may want their real estate agent to simply get the most money from the sale of their home while another may want their home to pass into good hands – even if it means making a bit less money. Some sellers may want to simply get their property sold quickly even in a tough market, while others may not actually want to sell their property at all.

One of the problems that seasoned sales professionals run into is that they often think they already know exactly what the client wants – or even worse, that the client themselves know exactly what they want. By taking the time to truly listen to your client you can not only help them get what they want, you can help them understand what it is they really want. Which may be the most valuable service of all.

Not all sales end when the client signs on the bottom line. Sometime signing a client is only the beginning of your sales journey. Employing some effective sales tactics, however, can make that journey a smooth and profitable one.

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