Before You Continue Trading Answer One Simple Question.

Is trading what you should be doing? Watch this speech from Steve Jobs and find out. Let us know you answer in the comments below, answer truthfully.


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What do you love about trading, is trading your passion or are you just doing it for the money? What draws you to do it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Zack Reply

    Hi Aaron, glad to see you’re back! Anyway nice video. To me it’s both. I enjoy trading the market (altho I kinda stuck at it), I’m very intrigued by it and I just love how it works as a business. Plus you get to earn something at the end of the day!

    • Aaron from Reply

      Hey Zack. Good to be back! I hear what you are saying. I love the new challenge each day presents, each day is different and the price patterns and never exactly the same. I also love challenging myself to overcome mental blocks and hone my discipline, very rewarding process that helps you to become a better person as well.

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