Convert an Educational Video to Audio with FLVTO

Ever wished you could convert an Educational Video to Audio? FLVTO is the answer…

In the field of investing and trading, YouTube and Vimeo has become synonymous with the ability to gain access to tons of great educational and interesting content. In today’s world, no one can argue the power of a sites like Youtube as a resource for people to share knowledge, educate remotely, or just plain for the fun of it.

Traders all around the globe are able to look over the shoulders of giants as they show you first-hand how they select, and execute trades. Tons and tons of videos can be found on technical analysis, trading styles or strategies… yet all the while, one thing is missing.

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a course or content, glued to the computer screen, hanging on every word streaming to you via YouTube – only to think – Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if I can have this content in audio to listen while on the subway, in my car, on a bus, at the beach relaxing, or if the piece is particularly inspirational or motivating, at night in the back ground while you fall asleep….  If so, continue reading for the great news!

One of the biggest obstacles to online courses and content streamed via Youtube and Vimeo is the fact that you physically have to be present to view it. In other words, you need to have access to the internet to stream the content, and in addition, you need to have time dedicated to be able to sit and watch your screen.

FLVTO however changes all that…

With the press of a button you can now easily and without effort convert any Youtube video into MP3 Audio for you to take with you and listen to wherever you go.

Convert to Mp3 FLVTO

Converting the files are super easy and Flvto offers both an online converter or via a downloadable app on your desktop (it works with any OS and including both PC and MAC)

Another great feature of Flvto is that it also works on music videos – you can now convert your music videos straight into audio to listen to offline wherever you are.

Convert to Mp3 FLVTO

For more information or to download the app visit FLVTO by Clicking Here


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