Gold, oil and S&P500


Monthly chart: So, in April we have received a false breakthrough of March Inside Bar which once again confirms accumulation of reversal potential. Testing of 2200.1 is still probable (the upper Bollinger band) but then we again can wait for reversal with the first target based on the middle Bollinger band (1941.0).
Trend potential Forecast
Weekly chart:  ADX is very weak, so we don’t expect that price would leave envelopes (2002.8-2136.1).
Trend potential Forecast
Day chart: flat corridor is even better shaped now – 2062.0-2125.9.
Trend potential Forecast
Expectations: flat in the range 2062.0-2125.9.
Trading decisions:
1) Once intraday short signals occur,  we sell from the area 2125.9.

“Brent” oil

Monthly chart: In April bulls were dominating but a general bearish direction is preserved and the price aims to get to the area 48.11. We’ll see how the price will respond to the upper Bollinger band (68.83).
Trend potential Forecast


Weekly chart: a strong resistance line is represented by 68.83.
Trend potential Forecast


Day chart:  is the local support line (and target for this week) – 62.16.
Trend potential Forecast
Expectations: So, we are waiting when 68.83 will be touched and price will get down to 62.16.
Trading decisions:  We sell from 68.83 to 62.16.



Monthly chart: an attack to support 1135.46 is possible (the bottom Bollinger band), which will open the way to 1032.24.

Trend potential Forecast


Weekly chart: Meanwhile ADX is weak, but bearish direction is present on the chart though.
Trend potential Forecast


Day chart: Control support point is – 1177.90. If it stands, the next upturn is possible – to 1212.27. If a breakthrough will happen, we will wait when points 1135.46 and 1032.24 would be reached.
Trend potential Forecast
Expectations: I prone to that the point 1177.90 will be broken and price will move down to 1135.46 and 1032.24.
Trading decisions:
Once the point 1177.90 is broken, we will sell to targets to 1135.46 and 1032.24.
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