Must Have Books: How to beat Wall Street

Customer Reviews:

“I would put this on a top ten list of books for new traders and I have read hundreds and even written a few of those books myself.” – Steve Burns, NewTraderU.

“The reason I am giving 5 stars is the generosity of the author in sharing trading system scripts and historical data. For the price paid its an absolute steal and a no-brainer.”

“This book is crucial for those wanting to get a head start and learn how the financial markets really operate.” – Richard Budden, Fidelity UK.

“Highly recommended, for anyone who looking for realistic guidance and not pie in the sky strategies.”

About the book:

How to Beat Wall Street comes with free Amibroker trading system code and 80 additional spreadsheets of historical data. All can be downloaded free from the JB Marwood website with purchase of the book.

JB Marwood is a trader and writer who began his career day trading futures for a broker in London one day after Lehman Brothers filed for Bankruptcy. He also is a featured contributor on our site and his articles can be READ HERE

He discloses numerous tips and secrets that professionals use to trade the markets and reveals 20 fully disclosed trading systems that work on real, historical data – many of which generate returns of over 20% per annum.

How to Beat Wall Street covers a vast amount of material in a concise and easy to read way including:

– Trading fundamentals: Central banks, inflation, Keynes, economic indicators…

– Timing: Financial ratios, volatility analysis, Dow Theory, stock market cycles…

– Risk: Money management techniques, trading psychology…

– Secrets & Tips: News trading, volume analysis, seasonal patterns…

– Technical analysis: MACD, moving averages, Bollinger Bands…

– Trading systems: Design & optimisation, 20 stock trading strategies, fully disclosed Amibroker systems…

– Resources & bonus material: Comprehensive resource material, best trading books bibliography and bonus section…

Additional Content:

20 trading systems are back-tested on 10 years of historical data. Including:

Trading System 1: Moving average crossover: A simple system that uses moving averages to find trends in stocks. CAR = 13.97% (net profit: $25,036)

Trading System 2: 4 weeks up in a row: A system based on a profitable pattern of four consecutive higher opens. CAR = 14.21% (net profit: $27,720)

Trading System 3: Trading the noise: A system that finds stocks in smooth trends using a custom formula to calculate market noise. CAR = 21.99% (net profit: $62,843)

Trading System 4: Trading gradients: A system that finds extremely oversold companies based on a custom formula. CAR = 16.73% (net profit: $75,333)

You will learn how to trade non-farm payrolls and other news releases. You’ll discover volatility and sentiment analysis, bottom-up valuation techniques and PE ratios. You’ll learn how Buffett and Soros approach the markets and you’ll find out how to optimise your risk correctly. You will also receive the tools you need to build your own winning trading system including Amibroker AFL code for every trading system, free Excel stock value calculator, free eBook and over 60 spreadsheets of up to date economic data.

For more information or to order your own copy, Click on this link:  How to Beat Wall Street: Everything You Need to Make Money in the Markets Plus! 20 Trading System Ideas

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