Q4 2021 Elliott Wave Market Outlook Report – The Deciding Quarter

As the world prepares itself for winter and the deciding quarter of 2021, uncertainty continues to dominate the markets due to the Delta variant.

If infection rates spike again and restrictive measures ensue, will booster shots get us through the colder weather?

Meanwhile, inflation fears are spreading across the globe, and investors are hoping that Q4 provides clues on central bank monetary policy in the near future.

So, how will the central banks of the world handle the uncertainty moving forward?

And are the markets heading for a sell-off?

The Orbex Research Team dives deep into all these questions and more in the highly anticipated Q4 2021 edition of our Elliott Wave Quarterly Market Outlook Reports.

Special focus will be on:

  • FX Majors
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Energies

Our quarterly reports are a holy grail for traders everywhere, providing invaluable fundamental and technical insights delivered by a seasoned research team.

David Kindley – Market Strategist
Mohammed Mariri – Head of Training & Market Strategy
Roman Onegin – Elliott Wave Specialist
Daniel John Grady – Macroeconomist 

So wait no longer – the Q4 2021 Market Outlook Report is ready for the taking!


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