300+ Trading Affirmations Audio. To Support Your Journey Towards Consistent Trading Success.

This trading affirmations audio is designed to help rewire the underlying negative and limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from the outcomes you desire.  Most people don’t even realize that they have limiting beliefs because they are subconscious beliefs. Beliefs about money, the market, your abilities, your worth, other traders… are instilled as subconscious beliefs through society, friends, family, advertising, the education system and a variety of other sources. This audio is designed to help re-program and replace the negative beliefs with new positive and empowering beliefs.

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Recommended Use

We recommend you listen to this audio once a day, for at least 30 days in a row, the longer the better. An ideal time to listen to the audio just before you go to sleep, that way these positive statements are embedded into your subconscious while your brainwaves are at an optimal frequency for instilling new beliefs. And if you fall asleep your subconscious will still pick up the affirmations.

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  4. Oswaldo Reply

    I want to download the MP3 affirmation but is not available! ?

    • admin Reply

      Good morning, not sure what happened there but you can find the link on the following page : https://www.forexalchemy.com/success
      Please shout if you still have trouble downloading the affirmation

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