25th June 2015 Intraday Market Analysis


A potential Cypher pattern setup. Traders can look for a long entry around the 0.6840 region with stops below 0.6815, and a potential target at 0.6900.



Our sentiment remain bearish for the short term. Should price retrace up to the 1.5750 region, we will be looking for a short opportunity with stops just above the 1.5775 level, targeting the 1.5665, and potentially 1.5630 region.



Our bullish sentiment remains for this pair. We will be looking for a long opportunity around the 1.2335 region with stops below the 1.2305 level, targeting the 1.2420 region.



The overall trend for this pair is still bearish. Should price retrace back to the 0.7160 region, we can look for a shorting opportunity with stops above the 0.7185 level, targeting the 0.7115 region.


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