7 Great sites for Halloween 2015

Arguably one of the most popular holidays of the year, and with only a few more weeks to go, Halloween once again promises to be crazy, scary, fun and entertaining.

This list of websites covers all you would ever need to make Halloween 2015 spectacular this year. Here you can find everything from pumpkin carving designs, costume ideas, latest decorative and props and even help if you’re bidding for a spot as the scariest house on the block.

Our list comprises some really great and informative sites where you can find all you need for a fun, festive and scary Halloween 2015!! These and links to other great sites can be found at www.haunted.directory



This site offers a wide variety of ideas and suggestions made by individual crafters. How this site works is that other people share their ideas and show you exactly how it’s made. Awesome for your own Halloween Crafting projects or prop ideas.



Zombie Pumpkins

If you ever get stuck wondering how to carve your pumpkin, then THIS IS THE SITE FOR YOU!!! They offer carving patterns that can be downloaded showing easy to follow and step-by-step instructions on carving one wickedly scary or awesome pumpkin!



Halloween online

Truly one of the most comprehensive sites on the web. Quoting from their main page “Halloween Ideas, Costumes, Decorations and Props, Halloween Party Planning, Spooky Games and Activities and Pumpkin Carving articles since 1994!”




Probably THE best site on the web for Prop Ideas and Halloween Images. Taking Halloween to the next level comes standard and the quality of the ideas and images are beyond compare. Definitely worth checking out before you start decorating your own haunted house!




Cast yourself and your friends into a wickedly funny Music Video. No Halloween will be complete without sending one of these e-cards!!



Halloween Costumes

An online collection of anything and everything Halloween. Costumes for yourself, couples, kids, pets, outdoor decorations, indoor decorations… whatever you need can be found here.



Yard Haunter

For those of you who want your house to stand out this year, this is a great resource for prop ideas, how-to’s and any other resource you may need to make your yard the scariest around.



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You can find a whole list of similar sites at www.haunted.directory

Halloween Directory


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