$GBP vs. $JPY Nears Significant Resistance | #BOE #BOJ #forex

$GBP vs. $JPY Nears Significant Resistance | #BOE #BOJ #forex


Watch for resistance at 193.667 – Predictive Model calls for significant pushback – possibly reversal – at the following qualitative target:

– TG-Hi = 196.311 – 16 JUN 2015


Structural levels lurk below, at 163.079/161.453. This is a L/T chart where the Predictive /Forecasting Model represents heavier players, and is therefore less representative of the synthetic market (i.e.: retail and institutional).

There are no market geometries considered at this time.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado – USA


David Alcindor


Source:: $GBP vs. $JPY Nears Significant Resistance | #BOE #BOJ #forex

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